Corporate Services

The Corporate Services division is responsible for compliance of corporate formalities of all its clients and incorporation and registration of new local and multinational companies and Branch offices. It also acts as a continuous support services unit to a number of assurance services, taxation and consulting clients for secretarial practices e.g. fling of annual return and other required forms and applications. We can provide a one stop service to get your business venture up and running rapidly.

Company Incorporation

Our services are not limited to incorporation of companies under the Companies Act 2017, but also include formation of Trust, NGOs/NPOs, AOPs, cooperative societies and registered partnerships.

Secretarial Compliances

Secretarial practices include filing of the following documents with registrar/SECP:

  • Form-A Annual Return
  • Annual Accounts
  • Form-29 (as and when there is any change in company’s management)
  • Form-26 for special resolutions if any; and
  • Other forms as and when required.
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