To become a compliant business and law-abiding citizen of any country, payment of various types of taxes for smooth running of the economy is essential. We believe in constant contact with client to keep them informed and let them handle any requirements which arise during doing businesses or otherwise.

Income tax

In direct taxation, the firm’s services cover all aspects of income tax and other direct taxes. The services

  • Tax registration
  • Tax planning and strategy development
  • Obtaining confirmations, clarifications and permissions from the tax authorities
  • Preparation and filing of tax return
  • Handling tax audits
  • Finalization of tax assessments and undertaking representations, objections, and appeals
  • Employees income tax including designing efficient compensation structure for employees; and
  • Filing of withholding tax statements.

Sales tax

In indirect taxation the firm provides comprehensive advisory service in the field of sales tax which includes:

  • Tax registration;
  • Implementing the sales tax system i.e.sales tax invoices and records keeping
  • Filing of monthly sales tax returns;
  • Undertaking representations, objections and appeals; and
  • Obtaining exemptions and concessions; wherever applicable.

We ensure that our clients get the most beneficial tax treatment whilst complying with complex requirement of the tax regulations.

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